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The Basic Premise: The “Internet of Everything”

Advances in the Internet and wireless communication make it increasingly possible for everyday things like TVs, fridges and even vehicles to communicate with other devices. These objects are able to share information with their owners and with one another in what is called the “Internet of Everything”. That is also the basis for enhanced management of transport chains and for organizing them more efficiently and in greater detail. Here, information is collected via automatic identification and transferred to data centers or ad-hoc networks. This trend is set to spread to just about all areas of daily life.

The road to Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are what results when the basic premises of the Internet of Things are combined with wireless communications technologies. Data is generated on the basis of connected hardware. Archived data is processed along with real-time data by means of prognostic algorithms to create new services and solutions. Developments in this field are key technologies toward enabling safer, more efficient and more convenient vehicles and ensuring personal mobility.

Real-time sharing

By continuously sharing information, vehicles can obtain information about road conditions in real time. As a result, road safety can be increased. Moreover, analyzing vehicle data from vehicles makes it possible to control traffic flows right down to individual vehicles, evening out capacity utilization of the transportation network. This can help prevent even detours from becoming congested in the case of an accident on the freeway, for example. Controlling traffic flows in this way offers genuine benefits when it comes to improving efficiency in the transport industry. Furthermore, new ITS services increase convenience for car and truck drivers. In future, they will always be able to find a suitable place to park and will then be automatically billed for it. This means that Intelligent Transportation Systems will make a valuable contribution to securing future personal mobility.

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